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Welcome to Summer!!!

Updated: 4 days ago

Murphy Jubb Fine Art is having a trout show and this is a step by step through one of my favorite subjects, Trout!!!

I first draw in the focal point of the painting. In this case the for front rainbow trout. I built the environment which included deadfall, big boulders and other trout. Where I live in Montana the rocks are fantastic!!! Bright red, greens, golds are some of my favorites! I love the big, small and tiny shapes to play with!

  Once its drawn I start with all the light colors.

The first image shows my heavy duty paper tape on a plywood board the is at least 30 years old!!! I placed a few darks to get the feel of some shadows and put in the turquoise which is a focal point shared by many of these paintings.

By the second image I've started building more rocks and textures. I use sea salt and kosher salt to get some random patterns

The painting is finished in the last image. It has taken about two weeks!! I am a slow painter but love to have a big project to work on every day!!!

   Rainbow Summer is a  42x26 watercolor on 140 lb cold press Fabriano Artistico paper. Hope you all have a fabulous summer!!!

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