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We have installed 18 new paintings at the Missoula International Airport. One floor has Kendahl’s florals, by the TSA , one has her trout and upstairs in the Delta section, we have Montana animals and wildflowers. This took quite awhile to install, it isn’t like walking into an art gallery! We have put around 8 hours, so far, and still have to tighten up the signage. I can hang 45 paintings in our gallery in 4 hours! The airport system is very slow going but it is a fast growing and radiant venue for art! Kendahl and I both feel extremely fortunate to have this rare opportunity!


Winter 2021, Kendahl inspecting the construction of the new Missoula International Airport, with the choice of where to hang artwork once the complex is completed.

February 2022, the construction is wrapping up and wall spaces are easier to determine! Kendahl is given the TCA (departing) area.

The completed TSA area in July 2022!

The response to the airport has been overwhelming positive, although some are amazed when they first view the extremely modern Missoula International Airport!

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