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Raised in the Midwest after spending her early childhood in Southern California, Kendahl Jan Jubb studied from an early age with noted St. Louis impressionist, Victor Harles. She moved to Montana in 1978 to major in Forestry and quickly changed to Art during her first year at the University of Montana. Her first public showing was a one-person show at the University in 1980 and was met with resounding acclaim! Kendahl travels extensively throughout the United States and India, sketching and painting in the environment that inspires her.

Kendahl’s work has appeared in over thirty galleries from Mexico to the Virgin Islands, and commissions have come from such corporations as the Bonneville Power Administration, The Peabody Hotel, The Four Seasons Hotel in Singapore and the Holland America Line.

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Kendahl Jan Jubb is in tune with Nature. Whether composing myriad flowers in gardens or containers, or conjuring magical scenes of animals, wild and domesticated, Jubb celebrates color and forms as intricate as cloisonné treasures for the East. Her pigments are rich and frequently opaque, setting off delicately hued still lifes with dramatic black, anchoring color fields. Painting for the last twenty years, while the art scene chaotically fragmented into more and more obtuse schools of attempting to objectify observation, she has quietly mastered her medium of watercolor – concerned only with beauty, fantasy and the spirit of the natural world. No angst, personal agendas, or flailing against the heavens, Jubb is content to focus her prodigious gifts on creating lush, romantic, fanciful still-lifes of tigers, orchids, bears, housecats, summer and tropical bouquets, iguanas, jungle birds in ways that few watercolorists can even imitate.

Oh, and yes, her works are in Museum collections, corporate headquarters, and private collections in Asia and the Americas. And this always-fresh artist has provided illustrations for image driven children’s books and has been featured in arts magazines, often to share her technical prowess with colleagues and students. Jubb has frequent exhibitions in Maryland, Ohio, Indiana, North Carolina, Washington, Oregon, California, and Hawaii. She also exhibits in her home state, Montana, where she is never far from the bounty of natural beauty she celebrates.

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