Kendahl Jan Jubb | Kendahl Jan Jubb - Montana Watercolor painter of nature, animals and still life
Kendahl Jan Jubb is the leading watercolor painter of beautiful floral still life, nature and wildlife artwork. Animal paintings and nature artwork available.
Still life paintings, nature artwork, animal paintings, koi paintings, bear paintings, floral paintings, orchid paintings, wildflower paintings, duck paintings, songbird paintings, trout watercolor paintings, Murphy-Jubb Fine Art Gallery Missoula Montana, tiger paintings, reptile paintings, gila monster paintings, fox paintings
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Life through watercolor

Animal Paintings, Nature Artwork, Floral and Wildlife Watercolor

Kendahl Jan Jubb, one of the leading watercolor painters in Montana and the nation, creates nature artwork. Animal paintings, floral paintings, garden paintings, trout paintings, as well as koi paintings, are included in Kendahl’s nature artwork catalog. Still life paintings with flower arrangements, including lilies, tulips, sunflowers and orchids are in galleries, private and corporate collections and museums through the world. Still life and orchid paintings are especially represented in this site. Kendahl Jan Jubb’s fox paintings, wolf paintings, bear paintings and big cat paintings can be found on this site. Reptile artwork, such as iguana paintings, Gila monster paintings and even dragon paintings are a particularly strong subject matter of Kendahl’s, in direct contrast to her wildflower paintings and garden paintings. Waterfowl paintings of ducks, geese, swans, herons and egrets represent a large portion of Kendahl’s portfolio along with her beautiful songbird paintings. Kendahl’s subjects come from direct field observation. Kendahl also accepts commissions for floral still life, wildflower and garden paintings, tropical fish paintings, trout paintings and koi paintings, in addition to animal paintings.

Recent Work